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Representative Projects

Software Engineering Research Paper

A recent study at Google has analyzed (among other things) the rate at which builds in developer workspaces fail. In this paper, we replicate the Google study in the Visual Studio context of the MSR challenge. We extract and analyze 13,300 build events, observing that builds are failing 67%–76% less frequently and are fixed 46%–78% faster in our study context. Our results suggest that build failure rates are highly sensitive to contextual factors.
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SitStraight is a free and open-source application that helps you correct your posture when sitting at the computer. The web app tracks your posture through the webcam and notifies you when you slouch.

Craniofacial dystrophy is a condition that affects many if not most of the population in developed countries. It is caused by having a recessed maxilla which deteriorates facial appearance and impairs breathing ability. Our mission is to increase awareness of this condition and popularize two techniques to help reduce its prevalence: mewing and orthodontic headgear. We provide tools and information to fight craniofacial dystrophy and help people improve their facial appearance and breathing ability.


Interview-AI is a web application that helps the user practice their interview skills. It works by asking a behavioral question analyzing the spoken answer. Then, it uses speech recognition and facial analysis to give a report on metrics such as speaking rate, the most used words, and facial expression analysis.
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