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Representative Projects

Software Engineering Research Paper

First Author, Published 2018

Gothenburg, Sweden

A recent study at Google has analyzed (among other things) the rate at which builds in developer workspaces fail. In this paper, we replicate the Google study in the Visual Studio context of the MSR challenge. We extract and analyze 13,300 build events, observing that builds are failing 67%–76% less frequently and are fixed 46%–78% faster in our study context. Our results suggest that build failure rates are highly sensitive to contextual factors.


Cofounder, Founded 2017

Montreal, Canada

We are a web design and advertisement agency. Our goal is to increase the visibility of our projects by improving their online presence through:
– Beautiful and user friendly web design
– Paid marketing campaigns – Content Generation

Author, Launched 2017

SitStraight is a free and open source application that helps you correct your posture when sitting at the computer. The web app tracks your posture through the webcam and notifies you when you sit wrongly.

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